Avoid costly, time-wasting errors with experienced construction surveyors who specialize in complex, large-scale projects.

As a leading construction surveying services, Apier E&C provides construction managers, developers, architects and engineers with a one-source solution for expert construction surveying services.

We are construction survey specialists.

At Apier E&C, our field chiefs are construction surveyors with the experience to make onsite decisions and do the job done right the first time. We specialize in complex, large scale projects for clients dealing with tight schedules in urban environments.

Our strict quality control keeps your budget under control.

Onsite, Apier E&C crews use expertise and advanced survey technologies to capture accurate data and field points. In our offices, all data and calculations are verified by highly-skilled staff as part of our rigorous quality control process. It’s the most effective way we know to deliver accuracy you can trust — and much less expensive than correcting errors during construction.


  • Industrial Surveys
  • Civil Construction Surveys
  • Mechanical Surveys
  • Structural Surveys
  • Piping Surveys
  • Engineering Surveys 
  • Others