With aspirations of youth and knowledge, we aim to be a leading international engineering consultancy firm, active in both public and private sectors. Thoroughly promote creativity and breakthrough thinking to satisfy demanding customers. Expanding partnerships based on shared values.


For the market: To deliver unique, creativity and high-quality products or services for the sustainable development of our living environment. Continuous improvement in more subtle, nuanced, and creative ways in order to provide a high-quality service with reasonable price.

For shareholders and partners: To enhance the collaborative spirit for mutual development; to undertake to become “The real partner” and The Number 1 companion of partners and shareholders; to generate attractive and sustainable investment values for shareholders and partners.

For employees: To develop a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment, enabling high income and equal development opportunities for all employees.

For the society: To harmonize the Company’s benefits and social benefits; to make active contributions to community-oriented activities, volunteers in the environmental protection activities towards sustainable community development.

Core Value

The following statements represent the Apier Way of doing business:

  • We conduct all business openly, honestly and fairly.
  • We are available at all times to address any client concerns.
  • We use all available and appropriate resources to rapidly achieve the goals of our clients.
  • We embrace advances in construction methods/materials technology to maximize the benefits for our clients.
  • We provide reliable, dependable solutions using our proven tactical (or -strategic) process.
  • We thoroughly implement our “Safety First” policy and procedures.
  • We work to protect and enhance our natural surroundings.

Added Value

Clients call on us to achieve their ambitions through projects and partnerships. We provide our services with passion and pride, adding value through:

  • Reliable quality performance, delivered on time and within budget.
  • An understanding of the clients needs and respect for their stakeholders.
  • Breakthrough thinking and delivery innovative solutions.
  • Local delivery of world-class solutions.